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'Understanding' is my second book of interviews. The book focuses on significant life events which each interviewee has actually experienced. In all 19 authors took part and answered 20 of my questions. The book was published at the end of March 2019. The price is only $0.99 / £0.99, and all proceeds go to Cancer Research. Insight is given into the following subjects:


Becoming a carer

Becoming a harem boy

Becoming a mother to many children


Caffeine addiction

Chronic pain and hip replacement

Daughter of a narcissist


Getting married

Giving up smoking

Losing weight


Near death experience

School trip tragedy

Sexual abuse

Smoking and hypertension

Teenage pregnancy

Thyroid cancer

Visitation from 'Spirit'

Robbie Cheadle's 5 Star Review for 'Understanding'

This collection of experiences, told mainly in the form of questions and answers, from twenty authors and bloggers, is a unique and emotional read. Each of the twenty participants has been through a traumatic time in their lives and each of them has overcome their particular set of circumstances, whether it is a struggle with cancer, sexual abuse, the loss of a loved one or a personal obsession gone wrong. Despite its emotional and heart wrenching content, this book is, on the whole, an uplifting read as well as being an enlightening one. I was impressed and encouraged by each of these writers ability to overcome their personal hardship and find a successful path forward.

To my mind, the stories in this book can be divided into two sets, those participants who had to deal with circumstances imposed on them by a third party or outside force creating circumstances over which they did not have complete control and those participants who ended up in a situation of their own making through their obsessive natures or those human frailties, like low self esteem and anxiety. I know from personal experience with friends and family that overcoming such mental barriers is an incredibly difficult thing to do.

I commend all of these authors and bloggers for their courage and honesty in writing their personal stories to help and encourage others who many be facing similar situations.

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