Stevie Turner, Author.

Stevie Turner,  Author

September Newsletter


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BARGAIN BOOK - ONLY $0.99 / £0.99!

Have you got mother-in-law trouble?  Ever wonder why men can never say anything that their mothers would not want to hear?  My family drama 'The Daughter-in-law Syndrome' is now just $0.99 / £0.99 until 4th September.   

The Daughter-in-law Syndrome investigates the complicated relationship causing much friction between Grandmother Edna Deane and her daughter-in-law Arla. In addition it focuses on the sometimes tumultuous partnership between Arla and her husband Ric.

Arla Deane sometimes likens her marriage to undergoing daily psychological warfare. Husband Ric will never voice an opinion, and puts his mother Edna up high on a pedestal. Arla is sick of always feeling that she comes in at only second best to her mother-in-law, who much to Arla’s fury is never told anything by Ric or his sisters that she would not want to hear.

This novel explores the husband/wife, mother/son, and mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationships. After twenty eight years of marriage, Arla, the daughter-in-law, is at the end of her tether and persuades a reluctant Ric to accompany her for marriage guidance. As they look back over their lives with Counsellor Toni Beecher, Arla slowly comes to realise her own failings, and eventually discovers the long-hidden reason why Ric will never utter a cross word to his mother.

Also, adding to Arla’s stress is the fact that her son Stuart will soon be marrying Ria, a girl whom Arla feels is just looking for a free ride. Arla is convinced that Ria will be no asset to Stuart at all; her new daughter-in-law just wants to be a mother and has no intention of ever working again once the babies start to arrive. After visiting Stuart and Ria for Sunday lunch, Arla is convinced that her son is making the biggest mistake of his life…..


This month it's the turn of  Lisa Lowell, and her book 'Ley Lines' , Book 2 in The Wise Ones series:

Blurb - Vamilion tried to slip the noose around her slender neck, but the rope was too short. Hurriedly he found a book and added it to the height of the stool. She stepped up higher and her horrified executioner tugged the rope tight under her chin. He dare not look at her, for the spell would strike him. Instead, he subtly slipped the magic stone into the hands tied behind her back.

“When you fall, wish with all your might for the ropes to break. Then, Gailin, run for your life.”

She tried to look down at the hangman at that startling message, but it was too late. He kicked the stool out from under her feet and fled.

Thus begins the next saga in the Wise Ones series. New pawns introduced to magic and manipulation in a game they do not even know they are playing; the game of the Ley Lines.