Stevie Turner, Author.

Stevie Turner,  Author

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Jackie's review of The Porn Detective, by Stevie Turner

4.0 out of 5 stars A state of denial, 11 Sep 2014

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This review is from: The Porn Detective (Kindle Edition)
I understand this is the first of Stevie Turner’s novels – she has written others such as ‘No Sex, Please, I’m Menopausal!’ and ‘A House Without Windows’ and ‘The Pilates Class’.

This is the first time I have read anything by this author. As other reviewers have pointed out, the book is not a voyeuristic tale about pornography. Instead, it takes us on a journey through one woman’s experience of living with a husband who is addicted to sex and porn, over a time span of twenty-five years of betrayal, hurt and forgiveness repeated many times like a movie loop, yet the author makes it intriguing as the story gradually unfolds.

The word ‘naive’ has been used to describe the main character, Frances Andrews, who forgives her husband repeatedly from a time somewhere perhaps in the early eighties to twenty-five years later. For me, this book is not about someone being naive but in a state of denial, which is an altogether more insidious and difficult mental state to deal with.

In the early eighties in the UK it was difficult to quit a marriage that showed signs of ‘something wrong’, but much more than that it is difficult to reconcile the caring person one sees every day with the deceit that goes on elsewhere in the marriage, in a life that seems otherwise normal. Many people do not want to believe that the person they love can be capable of such treachery and the act of forgiveness becomes part of the denial process as excuses are made in an attempt to retain that part of the marriage that is wholesome.

The subject is dealt with well in my opinion and the story takes an unusual turn that keeps the reader’s interest. I will be looking out for more novels by Stevie Turner.