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Interview with Talia Pierone

20 Questions for Talia Pierone, a young Indie author who is doing something I wish I had done when I was her age – she’s already publishing novels!


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     1. What is the most vivid memory from your childhood?

    Well, it was probably a recent one in 2010, the day my mom came into my room to let me know that a family member had passed away. I remember crying so much when she told me who it was; my great uncle. I’m close to my immediate family, but when it came to him we were buddies. He taught me how to change the oil in my car, and how to change a tire. He always believed in me as a person, and told me to marry a man who liked Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    2. What are you studying at college?

    I’m studying early childhood education.

    3. Have you written many song lyrics? Have they been set to music?

    I have written many song lyrics, one is put in ‘Hadley’s Band ‘called ‘Hurt’. I haven’t had time to put them to music myself as I used to play guitar and piano. I just lost track of time.

    4. Tell me more about your short stories.

    ‘Hadley’s Band’ is about a college girl who is still getting over the fact that her ex-boyfriend died of lung cancer. She and her friends, including her ex, had formed a band and she wrote a song called ‘Hurt‘ for him. Her friends are trying to help her move and get her mind set on something else, or in their case a new someone else.

    ‘Keira the Gorgon’ is about a Greek mythological creature called a gorgon, once named Keira (a gorgon is a monstrous feminine creature whose appearance would turn anyone who laid eyes upon it to stone). Living by herself a lot of warriors came to slay her but none survived. The King of Marquis prayed to the gods to deliver something that would help them slay the beast.

    5. What is your favourite book?

    My favorite book is called ‘Danger in the Shadows’ by Dee Henderson. It’s about Sara Walsh, a closed-up, reclusive author of children’s books held captive by her past. When she was 6, she and her twin sister Kim were kidnapped for ransom and locked in a dark basement for nine days. Sara survived, but her sister didn’t.

    6. In which genre do you prefer writing?

    I prefer writing in horror, fantasy or mystery genre. I tried writing in a romance genre once but that didn’t work for me.

    7. Are you working on a novel at the moment?

    Yes, I’m working on a Book One of my mystery/detective novels.

    8. Your author page says that you love children. Do you have any children of your own?

    I don’t have children of my own, but I hope to have a few in the future.

    9. Are you religious? Do you believe in heaven and hell?

    I grew up going to church, reading my Bible and going to church camps as my grandmother is a Christian motivational speaker and my uncle is a pastor. I have struggled with this question for some time now. Doing my research I learned new things every day.

    10. What type of music do you like?

    I like all types of music. I’m a big Five Finger Death Punch, Demi Lovato, Lucy Hale, and John Legend fan.

    11. What one thing could you not do without?

    I can’t go without my coffee.

    12. How do you make time for writing in your busy job as a Nanny?

    I set aside time in the morning or in the afternoon, depending what time I have to work. The morning is my favourite, as I have my cup of coffee and relax.

    13. If you could live your life all over again, what one thing would you change?

    I wish that I could have started my writing passion sooner instead of waiting so long to get it out.

    14. What is your most prized possession?

    My most prized possession is my notebook, where I keep all my ideas for stories.

    15. Where in the world will you be spending your holidays this year?

    I will be spending it in Yakima, Washington.

    16. Have you sent any of your work to a literary agency?

    I have sent my work to a literary agency and haven’t had any luck so far, but I’m not giving up yet. With my upcoming novel I’ll work harder at it.

    17. Is anybody else in your family creative?

    Yes, one of my little sisters; she makes bracelets.

    18. Do you think the idea of marriage is old-fashioned nowadays?

    No I don’t think marriage is old-fashioned. I think marriage is a wonderful thing. When the day comes, two people make a vow to love each other no matter what.

    19. Do you write in peace and quiet, or do you prefer music in the background?

    Depending on my day, I usually like the quiet otherwise my iPod’s on and the world is out.

    20. Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

    I see myself possibly married with a kid, graduated from college, and with a few books out.


    Thank you Talia for sharing your thoughts with us. I certainly wish I had started writing novels when I was younger. Good for you!

    As always, if any authors out there would like to be interviewed, please contact me here on my website.