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For Marcus and Lisa on Their Wedding Day

When my son Marcus married the love of his life, Lisa, back in 2010, they asked me to compose a poem which could be read out at their wedding reception. I came up with the ditty below, which caused a few laughs at the time. It tells the story of how they met as young teenagers back in 2002, in those heady days when both sets of parents doubled as unpaid taxi drivers.


Two brown soulful eyes,

A handsome face I see.

I look at Marcus

And he looks at me.

He’s quiet and shy,

Where I go

There he’ll be.

I cuddle Marcus,

And he cuddles me.

Not keen on playgroup,

Doesn’t want to learn,

Two sad brown eyes

Await my return.

First day at school

He’s grown so tall,

He’s made me a picture

To hang on the wall.

Now he goes to big school,

Runs for the bus so as not to be late,

Waves goodbye at the garden gate.

He visits friends who live near and far,

One day he sees my old guitar.

“Teach me some chords Mum”,

The guitar’s in his hand,

Before you know it,

He’s joined a band.

He grows his hair

His friends aren’t posh,

Some of them

Don’t appear to ever wash.

“We need a Singer”

Who will it be?

I place some adverts.

We wait and see.

A girl replies,

She sends a text.

They arrange to meet

On Saturday next.

She arrives in a car

With her father and mother,

They’ve both come to see

Who’s got his eye on their daughter.

Her father Dave jumps out

Shakes Marc by the hand,

Mother Mandy’s less keen,

Lisa’s only fifteen.

Marc has long hair, big boots,

A leather jacket and all,

Amanda’s phone is by her ear

In case Lisa has to call.

Dave can’t believe it,

He’s in for a shocker.

He never thought his daughter,

Would want to go out with a rocker.

They walk and talk,

The time flies by,

Now Lisa meets us

Who are waiting nearby.

They come towards us

Hand in hand,

That’s quick work thinks I,

It pays to be in a band.

She’s a very sweet girl

With long dark hair,

She answered the advert

For a dare.

My son is in love

The world around him grows dim.

He cuddles Lisa,

And she cuddles him.

And so it must pass,

It’s part of nature’s plan,

From mother to wife,

Now he’s grown to a man.

But as we sit here today,

I’ll say to each and every one,

I’ve gained a daughter,

Not lost a son.