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Stevie Turner,  Author

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Silent K Publishing
About Me

I write about what I know of painting; the feel and smell of working oil paint across a surface of gesso on wood or slippery canvas.

As an artist, I know the sound conté crayon makes across toothy handmade paper or red chalk on prepared wood. As a painter, I know the fast slickety feel of linseed oil diluted with mineral spirits as a syrupy atmospheric glaze, and the thick glutinous slow of stand oil when it pours like old honey to prepare a golden varnish. I know how much orange to add to hot blue to cool it down for an autumn sky and that a cool blue is best when the grasses below it are in shadow. I know the tints and shades of sap green that stretch from sage to olive.


I write what I want to know: Where did a lost painting go? Who painted the trees in the background?


I write about what I don’t know: Who was the sitter in an old portrait? Who were the spectators in a crowd scene? What is the hidden iconography in a Jan Van Eyck masterpiece? What were the secret wishes behind each instance of pentimento? What was Leonardo like as a child? Who was his mother? Who was the first 'Mona Lisa'? Who did Botticelli love?


I speculate. I fantasize, and most of all I listen to portraits. And when I can’t hear their names or their stories, I imagine.


I am a female artist listening for the voices of silenced women who lived in times of cool blue mornings. The artist ghosts who worked as shadows in the great studios but hadn’t enough social varnish to seal their signature in a single document, let alone their historical footprints.


I write about the artists and their forgotten models: the trapped child brides, peasant mothers and babies, courtly lovers, abandoned wives, the mistresses closest to power, and the servant girls who were invisible long before the paint dried.

I've also written a paranormal romance about two children aboard the Titanic who had been destined to marry, and book one of a middle-grade to Y/A time-slip adventure series. 

My books and paintings may be viewed on my webiste >  


V Knox

michael gallagher
About Me

Michael James Gallagher is an established author who began his writing journey with a gripping, post-cold-war espionage thriller: "Tsunami Connection". His strong-willed heroine Kefira delighted readers worldwide as she overcame enormous odds in preventing genocide and finding a way to trap a cunning and resourceful ex-Fenian terrorist named Macaulay.


Following strong sales in the English-speaking world, Michael's work has recently been translated for distribution in Turkey and Germany. Michael's fast-moving style and unfailing eye for detail make his books very hard to put down once started.


"Diamond Rain", the second book in the Spy Stories and Tales of Intrigue Series, introduces Thomas, a loner with an uncanny ability to chase down details in the pursuit of truth. Believing he has found the foundations of love, he sees everything snatched away from him by technology he can barely comprehend. But the object of his desire has given him a gift before she is lost to him, a gift so precious and powerful that Thomas believes he has the means find her again and, in the process, defeat a reincarnated Mao Tse Tung in Central China.


When not writing or dancing tango, Michael spends his time developing hilariously informative Internet-ready learning modules for his adult students studying in their homes. Planning and editing numerous language textbooks complements his writing experience. He has encouraged high school dropouts to realize their academic dreams for 35 years in Montreal, Canada.

Jackie Johnson
About Me

I have so far written two science fiction/adventure books – the odds being not entirely related to having two disabling illnesses. When I say ‘against the odds’ I mean my background didn’t automatically lend itself to writing anything. I recall sitting in a careers office at age sixteen half-listening to the careers officer being hopelessly optimistic about my chances of becoming Someone In a Well-Paid Position while at the same time urging me to start at the local supermarket stacking shelves and working my way up from there, but I was much more interested in watching a pair of sparrows mating on a nearby ledge. I remember feeling rather envious at the time.


After a brief spell in an electrical shop where I was unable to answer any of the customers’ questions, chance pushed me towards being a chiropodist. I watched a chiropodist doing my mum’s feet. That was far more interesting than being a supermarket shelf-stacker, I decided, so that was my career set for the next twenty years. College in London, passed with flying colours despite my obvious lack of being in any way inclined to really understand physics, biomechanics or chemistry, and a distinct dislike of anything to do with hypodermic needles, either on the receiving end or the giving end. However, I was meeting people and was in a position to help them, and that was what I loved, so I did chiropody until the name changed to podiatry and the first disabling illness hit me for six.


The signs of impending illness had been present for years but I just ignored them and hoped they would go away. Unfortunately inner ear disorders, especially those present from birth, have a habit of lying sneakily dormant for most of a person’s early years until such time as they decide the body is not as fighting fit as it used to be when it was twenty-something, and then they strike.


After being quite depressed initially, I wasn’t going to give up without a fight. In the intervening years I had married, had a son, a Well-Paid Position, and I’d been involved in a meditation group for a number of years. My life didn’t need disruption, so I got over the initial shock of knowing I had ‘a disorder’ for the rest of my life, adapted my diet and lifestyle and basically got on with it, until four years later the second disabling illness kicked the legs out from under me.


I wasn’t going to let that stop me, either – or so I thought. I’d beaten illness before so I could do it again, rising phoenix-like from the slough of despond and feeling very noble in the process. I made a kind of recovery. I thought it was a recovery, but some illnesses are very good at being deceptive. They hide and let you think that the grumblings are ‘residual symptoms’ as the term was described to me, except the residual symptoms didn’t go away. Two years later, both illnesses returned with a vengeance. End of career. I defy anyone to hold a scalpel blade over an unwitting victim’s foot and proceed with doling out treatment while experiencing whirling dizziness and feeling faint and sick.


Since I was not in the habit of near-amputation of my patients’ toes and after a year of trying unsuccessfully to fend off both illnesses, I had to give up work. My marriage had also ended. I moved house to another part of the country where I knew no-one and that’s when my life took a different turn. With a lot of time on my hands and no ability for a physical outlet, my imagination ran wild and I began to write. A lifetime of interest in psychic, spiritual and mental abilities plus technological advances steered me in the direction of science fiction, and placing some of my characters in the world of military and intelligence people propelled me into researching that area of life. It’s a path that has been fascinating, rewarding, a learning curve, frustrating and at times very painful – but I don’t regret the journey. The end result has been worth it.


Y. Correa
About Me

Y. Correa is a proud Hispanic-American mother of four, daughter, teacher, mentor, author and advocate, among other things. Early on in life Y knew how to multitask and juggle a million and one things. To this day she still doesn't know how she does it.

About 3 years ago, Y embarked on the adventure of her life: she opted to write a book. Though a late bloomer, the task came to her naturally as if it were something that was hidden in her all of that time. Today, Y has published several short stories and a hand full of full length novels and still has many works in progress.

Apart from writing, Y realized that there was a need for a strong support group that would unite all authors, of all walks of life. Quickly she realized that life in this industry was difficult and that there was lots of segregation within the literary ranks.

Just as quickly she decided that she'd make it her mission to change that. Thus the Self-Published/Indie Authors Support Group was born. Through time Y realized that the fight she'd embarked on was rather one sided: traditionally published authors needed advocating and support too. With that, the All Authors Support Group was born. Like bees to honey, authors from all walks of life came.

From the All Authors Support Group, the All Authors Blog Blitz was born, and like an avalanche, everything that is now collectively known as All Authors Publications and Promotions was created.

AAPP is growing every day, constantly trying to find innovative ways to ADVOCATE ALL AUTHORS AND REACH ALL READERS.

Y's most recent novel is called MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis.

Queen of Spades
About Me

One head, Many Crowns :)

As an Writer:  I'm an author of four poetry collections: Reflections of Soul, the Eclectic collection (Skin Edition & Beyond the Skin), Spaded Truths: Themes & Proclamations and Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes.  I also was featured and acted as presenter in Soulful Branches: Simply Words.

As a Reviewer:  I'm one of the reviewers and architects of The Review Board.

As a Columnist:  My column, A Queen's Ramblings, is featured in the contemporary All Authors Magazine

Latest News:  A few of my works just got accepted for the Words of Fire and Ice Anthology by Durham Editing & eBooks :D.  I'm also working on short stories for the short story collection: Continuous Drips
About Me

I was born in Liverpool and am a creative writing tutor and photographer. I live in a 17Century timber framed cottage with my husband and rescue cats and love to grow, cook and eat my own vegetables and fruit.

I trained as a photojournalist and gained an Hons Degree in Drama and English Literature, and have a Diploma in Creative Writing. I used to be an actor and scriptwriter, but gave all that up when I moved to Suffolk UK and fell in love with the acres of farmland that surround my home. I spend many hours sitting in the Summerhouse watching nature frolic in my large garden.

I won the Suffolk Book League’s Short Story Competition 2011 with my story, Glimmer and was short-listed for the Escalator Genre Fiction Competition 2012 with an extract from Echoes from the Lost Ones, the book was published by Fable Press July 2013. I  have also self-published a collection of short stories, Glimmer and other stories.

About Me

Combining two interests, music and writing, the idea for the Toten Herzen series was complemented by a further interest in the supernatural, generated by a big book that an uncle was throwing out when I was young.

Having given up on writing fifteen years ago a new enthusiasm was helped by emerging opportunities for self publishing and the first novel, We Are Toten Herzen, came out on Kindle in July 2013. The second novel in the series, The Lost Valley, is already underway and due for release in April, 2014. In addition to the Totenseries two spin off series are also being developed for stories of witchcraft and the science behind the paranormal.

When I'm not doing any of this I'm a landcape architect and designer, and can usually be found outdoors walking nowhere in particular, so long as the views are panoramic.