Stevie Turner, Author.

Stevie Turner,  Author



My latest audio book 'Finding David' has hit the Amazon (paid) Bestseller list of 'Ghost Horror Fiction' today (29/9/20) at number 53!


Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2020
I gave this heartbreaking story 5 stars because I couldn't stop reading until the end. A newly pregnant young doctor is abducted by an obsessed patient and kept in a single 8x10 room in his cellar for almost a decade. She is forced to raise her daughter in captivity until a life-threatening complication arises during the birth of her kidnapper's child and she is able to tell the truth of her horrific ordeal and try to get her life back. One of my new favorite books!! ♥️

Thanks to Robbie Cheadle for this excellent 5 star review on 18th September 2020 of my novel 'A Rather Unusual Romance':


The book is available at the special price of just $0.99/£0.99 until the end of October.

Esme Jones and husband Aron have completed their family and have twin sons Jared and James. Esme’s older sister Eden Reece is desperate for a child, but a hysterectomy has put paid to any chance of her becoming a parent. When Esme offers herself as a surrogate, Eden and husband Billy are delighted. However, when Esme notices the first fluttering of life inside her and a scan reveals that she is carrying a girl, both sisters are not prepared for the outcome which threatens to tear the fabric of the whole extended family apart.


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It's Accolade Time!

My novella 'Finding David' was a quarter-finalist in the 2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition!

Thanks to Pete Springer for this 5 star review of my paranormal short story 'Finding David':

What would you do if the person you are married to becomes a murder suspect? Not just any murder—one that involves her son, David. Karen faces this dilemma after Rae, a gifted clairvoyant medium, provides information that suggests that her husband, Mick, may be responsible. To complicate matters, the police sergeant refuses to offer any help after he finds out that Rae claims the deceased spirit of the boy has provided this information.

Karen has complete faith in Rae, but Mick thinks Rae is trying to swindle money with a hoax reading. Is the murderer Karen, Mick, or someone else?

Several elements made Finding David an engaging read. One appealing quality is the relationship that Mick had with David. Because neither character liked the other, this made for some fascinating family dynamics.

Stevie Turner doesn't waste time getting right into the meat of the story. There were no lulls, and my mind did not wander at any point because the plot was gripping. Take two hours to read this excellent tale and put yourself in Karen's shoes.


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