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Welcome to my website.  You will find details and reviews of all my books here, and also BookFunnel promotions where you can download free samples of my books and also many others of the same genre.  You can also access my WordPress blog, subscribe to my mailing list, and read interviews of many authors that I have carried out.  Happy reading!

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'Scam!' is Now Published!

This is just to let you know that my novella 'Scam!' has been published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. It won first prize in the 2020 Electric Eclectic writing competition. At the moment there are 15 ARC readers reading and reviewing it, and so expect some reviews very soon! 

Here is a link to its first 5 star review:

Another 5 star review for 'Scam!'

5 stars by Emma Hardy on Goodreads:

December 5th 2021

This is such an addictive read and I could not put it down.  I expected this to be a predictable read with some dodgy dealings, but wow does this spiral and take a dark and surprising turn.  A real page turner due to its intensity and a gripping read.  Compelling, fascinating and one to add to the TBR immediately.

QR Code For My Amazon US Author Page

Use your phone's QR reader to scan the code opposite if you would like to check out my books, and you will be taken straight to my Amazon US author page.  

New Review for 'Cruising Danger'


5.0 out of 5 stars When Fun Isn't Fun Anymore

Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2021

Two close friends who work together decide to take a cruise together. Pauline is married and Shirley is not. Pauline discovers in a short time after boarding the cruise ship that her friend Shirley has already cast her eye on one of the ship’s musical entertainers, Joe. Shirley winds up spending lots of time with Joe and Pauline becomes pissed that the friend she supposedly went on vacation with is barely ever with her, leaving her mostly alone, not showing up for meals or planned excursions.

Yes, Pauline is pretty angry, as would be most people in this situation, only, after a few days of Shirley being a no-show, Pauline becomes suspicious as to her friend’s whereabouts and begins her journey of investigations with the help of ship security and emails she sends to her husband Jim, asking him to help her out by sending him on search missions back home in the U.K. (no spoilers).

The plot thickens once we discover Pauline is not imagining things and a ‘mysterious’ ‘passenger’ befriends Pauline and in her despair over drinks, proceeds to tell Ken what has transpired with her investigation into her missing friend. This is the part where I began getting suspicious of Ken, but that’s just me. Of course I cannot let you know if I was wrong or right about Ken. And I’m not divulging what entails after Pauline’s suspicions are confirmed. Suffice it to say, Turner did a fantastic job with creating suspicion and bringing in some other colorful characters to add to the chaos. Is Shirley really missing? Is she dead? Did she ditch Pauline to rush back home from one of the ports when Joe dumped her? You will have to read this enjoyable page turner to find out.

His Ladyship is Published!


My latest novel 'His Ladyship' is an LGBT story which has now been published.

His Ladyship

Norman Wicks is 57, overweight, and has diabetes. He is sick of his life. He has never left home, had a girlfriend, or held down any kind of job. The only friends he has are online, as he prefers to stay in the comfort zone of his bedroom. His devoted 92 year old mother Agnes waits on him hand and foot.

Norman has a secret he has kept hidden from the world for the majority of his life, but now he is desperate to bring it out into the open. He is terrified of how his family will react. However, for his own happiness and peace of mind, Norman must find a way to tell his mother and siblings exactly what they do not want to hear.

HIS LADYSHIP reached the finals and the Longlist of the 2021 Page Turner Awards.                     

See the new reviews on 'His Ladyship's' review page....                                                                             

On the Long List!


My latest manuscript 'His Ladyship' has reached the Longlist of the 2021 Page Turner Awards!

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