Stevie Turner, Author.

Stevie Turner,  Author

Reviews of MIND GAMES

Oct 10, 2017

really liked it

Title: Mind Games
Author: Stevie Turner
Publisher: KDP
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Mind Games" by Stevie Turner

My Thoughts.....

After a 35 year marriage it looks like this wife has had enough of her husbands addiction to porn and want a divorce. Now, to fully understand what has gone on with this husband you will just have to pick up "Mind Games" to see how this author presents it to the reader. As I was reading this story I am not sure who I felt more sorrier for Frances or Martin. Definitely there was help that was needed by both but it didn't seem like anyone really wanted it. Martin claims to have quite this addiction but soon we will find out from the read really was that true? 

I could feel Frances' need to not want to grow old along but to want to get back with Martin really had me shaking my head and saying REALLY! As for Martin well I can will say is He Really Needed Some Help! This story really left me thinking wow! I will stop now and just stay you will have to pick this one up. Will these two ever get back to that HEA that they seemed to have had at the beginning of their marriage? Well, all I will say is wow...Martin certainly thinks he has it all figured out. But anyone who has an addiction to pornography will definitely need  help. Now, since Martin tells Frances that he is though with porn and she seems to believe it! What will happen if Frances finds out really what Martin is hiding and still is up to. As the story stops here, hopefully Frances will still have her apartment still there for her to return to. She just may need it!


5out of 5 stars Frances and Martin have had a happy marriage, except that his pornography addiction and her ...

ByAurorawatcher on October 20, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I received this book free in an exchange for an honest review.

What do you do when trust has been destroyed in a marriage? Frances and Martin have had a happy marriage, except that his pornography addiction and her obsession with catching him out have rendered them unable to trust one another. He still loves her, but she's completely disgusted by him. Is there anyway to find common ground?

I won't give away the ending, but I thought it was interesting how Stevie Turner resolved the main conflict of the novel.

Well-written, insightful. Turner doesn't give in to the usual conventions of romance make-up literature. She writes real people undergoing a believable crisis. Although I haven't known any couples struggling with porn addictions, I have heard similar stories in other 12-Step groups. After a partner has deeply damaged the relationship, that partner stepping onto a better path doesn't erase the hurt their spouse feels. You can only try to find a compromise where love remains.

Lest you think this story is a real downer, it's not. There are some truly hilarious lines in this book. You definitely get the sense that Martin loves Frances and, if she weren't so mad at him for repeating the same unfaithfulness over and over, she'd love him too.

I would definitely read more of Turner's books.