Stevie Turner, Author.

Stevie Turner,  Author

May 2017 Newsletter


My screenplay 'For the Sake of a Child' won a silver award in the Depth of Field International Film Festival.  The screenplay will now be read by a major independent film company in Los Angeles!


I am always on the lookout for interesting blogs to feature on my WordPress site.  If you would like to write a guest post for me, please send your blog along with your social media links to [email protected]


'Revenge', my family drama of adultery, jealousy and hate will be FREE for the weekend of May 20th/21st 2017.

Teacher Alistair Veale is just coasting along in his 20 year marriage to Ann. His two sons Tom and Jake are growing up fast and have their own interests, but he still enjoys a close relationship with 13-year-old daughter Jessie, his ‘Princess’.

When Alistair takes 14 children from his tutor group on a week-long school trip to the Isle of Wight, a new Science teacher, Carly Jessop, goes along to keep an eye on the 6 girls. Alistair notices a growing attraction between himself and Carly, which cannot be ignored.

However, when Alistair and Carly begin an affair the consequences are horrific and far-reaching, threatening not only Alistair’s livelihood, but also his peace of mind and the relationship he has with his own three children.



Here's a good one for self-published authors.  The Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition gives Indie authors a chance to get noticed.  Check it out on the link below. The deadline is May 5th 2017: 


This month I am featuring a romantic mystery by Stephany  Tullis 'Missing Pieces' (A Chandler County novel).   Stephany lives in Georgia, where she writes professionally and has published on as Atlanta's Society and Culture Examiner.   She works in partnership with fellow author P.J Fiala to sponsor the Chandler County novels.  During 2017  nine other authors will  also publish their books based on the fictional towns of Chandlerville and Bourbonville, Kentucky. 

Missing Pieces is a story of love, trust and honor.

As Chandlerville prepares for a series of local celebrations in honor of the annual Kentucky Derby in nearby Louisville, Kentucky, chaos ensues threatening to cancel the town's festivities.
Rachel Blakely's (editor of the Chandler County Chronicles), partnership with ex-NYC socialite, AJ Manning crumbles in the midst of their planning for the town's Derby-related activities. AJ is the mayor's wife and Rachel discovers that Fitzgerald Manning, the mayor's father, has close ties to an unidentified conglomerate of farm investors who may be coercing local farmers to sell their land.

Jairo Aquino, aka Blue, a handsomely, mysterious newcomer is trusted by no one and appears to have an investment scheme of his own. Arriving in Chandler County from Miami, Florida, Aquino has decided to put Chandler County on the map. "His plan was air tight. He just had to find a few missing pieces."

Rachel and Blue continue to cross paths until they reach a point of no return where they accept they can no longer ignore the sizzle of their interactions and their constricted heart strings that cause them to question the true nature of their relationship.

Can she trust him? Can he trust her? Can they together find the missing pieces?

You can find Stephany Tullis's books on Amazon by clicking the link