Stevie Turner, Author.

Stevie Turner,  Author

February 2017 Newsletter

I'll be on holiday from February 18th - March 4th, and Internet is going to be sparse, but I hope you'll take advantage of the free books I'm offering this month while I'm away....
My (sometimes) humorous memoir 'Waiting in the Wings' is free on Amazon from February 1st - February 5th. 

Format: Kindle Edition
I have come to expect a well-constructed, intelligently-written book from this accomplished author, and Waiting in the Wings ticks all the right boxes. The story of the author’s rollercoaster relationship with her mother is told with honesty. She regrets that she cannot say the words, ‘I love you,’ to a mother who has been exasperating and difficult to deal with, even in her vulnerability and defiance as she clings to her independence and refuses professional care help. Although the author can’t say the words, we see through her daily actions and patience, the love and compassion that lie beneath.

I applaud the author’s courage in writing so openly about her family, laying bare her thoughts about them – it takes guts to do that and it takes excellent writing to put across a tale that is absorbing, funny and poignant. Waiting in the Wings achieves all that. I felt as if I knew the characters as much as my own family, which is due to the power of the dialogue, the narration and descriptive passages. I became the fly on the wall, observing events as the author explored the past and the present, combining her life story with that of her mother. The flashbacks are never confusing. The book drew me in, held my attention and had me laughing aloud at some the characters’ antics. Highly recommended on so many levels, not least for the portrayals of heartache, comedy and a willingness to allow love and wit to prevail.


My family drama The Donor will be free on Amazon from February 25th - February 29th:

5.0 out of 5 stars"THE DONOR" GRABS YOU FROM THE OPENING LINE By Michael Phelps on January 15, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition
AUTHOR STEVIE TURNER is a novelist from "across the Pond", Great Britain. "THE DONOR" is my first read of her lengthy list of novels. Now, I am excited to read every novel she has written.
In "THE DONOR", Ms. Turner has crafted a novel with characters so well developed, you instantly visualize their physical appearances and through her real descriptions of their personalities, through "their" thoughts and words, you feel you KNOW them as living human beings. I found her writing style to be very unique. I have been a voracious reader for over sixty years and must confess I have never read any book that is outside the traditional "first persone" or "third person" point of view. I was immediately quite impressed that Ms. Turner has written "THE DONOR" with each character's individual point of view. I am amzaed at how Ms. Turner deftly switched between her characters to pen a very touching novel.                                                             
"THE DONOR" opens in 1970 with the end of a three day Band Festival, sort of a British version of America's infamous "Woodstock" of 1969. The reader is introduced to "Claire Ronson", who at almost 19 had secreted away three days earlier with her best friend Ruth to attend the festival, unbeknownst to her father Donald and mother Marian. Her father, a doctor and her mother, a nurse are upper-middle class and devoted to Claire and her older sister, Isabel ("Izzy"), At the end of the festival, having been awake for three days and nights, she has her food stolen, and she is penniless. We then meet "Ross Tyler", a blond adonis, her "Knight in Shining Armor". He provides her with an apple. He wraps a protective arm around her and offers to take her to the Ferry Station and assure her safe passage home. They spend several hours together, hitching a ride with a farmer to the Ferry boat station. Claire instantly falls in love with Ross and is positive he will be her "soul mate". Ross invites her to a local Pub, where he and his band will be performing the following Saturday night. She agrees. She knows, however that her father will never approve of Ross, an art student and guitar player /singer in a rock band..         
Once home, she finds her sister Izzy is home from the University, where she is a medical student. She tells Izzy all about the festival and her meeting Ross. She learns from Izzy that she has broken off her relationship with her long-time boyfriend, Jeff. She invites Izzy to the pub to meet Ross and watch the band's performance. Izzy accepts and they tell their parents they are going to visit her friend Ruth. Events unfold from there, taking the reader through the next three decades with many twists and turns, incidents unfold which tears the family apart. The reader is gripped as each character describes the incidents through their individual point of view. The ending will blow your mind! "THE DONOR" is a love story that has all of the characters intertwined. Reading how each character views the evolving events in "real time" through the years is unique and makes "THE DONOR" one of the very BEST novels I have read in the last eighteen months. I LOVED it!
The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook are running a short story competition. It's free to enter.  They're looking for 2000 words or less by 13th Feburary.  More information can be found by clicking the  link below:


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This month it's the turn of author C.N Lesley and her brand new science fantasy book THE CHALICE OF SHADOWS

Freedom from slavery should have meant a peaceful life for Morgan, but fate has other plans.  Rescued by the Outcasts, Morgan escapes a Nestine attack only to be bound to the task of retrieving a lost chalice by the Outcast god. Unable to fight the pull of the chalice, she is drawn toward the vessel and all its unearthing will herald. Only her rescuer knows he must get her to the Brethren Haven where they will be safe.

With familiar players of stories past moving into place, from the leader of the Nestines to Shadow and Ector of Avalon, only one thing is certain: Morgan is at the center of it all.

In this third instalment, following Shadow Over Avalon and Sword of Shadows, C.N. Lesley takes us on another epic adventure, once again immersing readers in her alternate universe based on Arthurian legend and twisted into richly detailed science fantasy.

You can find C.N Lesley on the following links: